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Here you will find our list of Brymill Cryosurgery FAQ's

Brymill Cryosurgery FAQ's

  • What is cryosurgery or cryotherapy?

  • What skin lesions can cryosurgery treat?

  • Why do dermatologists prefer cryosurgery using liquid nitrogen applied with a spray or probe?

  • What are the advantages of Liquid Nitrogen Cryosurgery?

  • Where can I get liquid nitrogen?

  • How much does liquid nitrogen cost?

  • How long does liquid nitrogen last?

  • Why should I choose Brymill’s Cry-Ac® cryosurgical equipment?

  • What’s the difference between Brymill’s Cry-Ac® & Cry-Ac®-3?

Here you will find our list of Brymill Technical Support FAQ’s

Technical Support FAQ’s

  • Problem: Trigger does not operate.

  • Problem: Unit appears to be “Leaking” or “Hissing” from the Relief Valve.

  • Problem: Trigger Handle sticks open

  • Problem: If the Cryosurgical Unit does not spray or sprays only intermittently

  • Problem: Exterior of bottle frosts over and there is excessive Relief Valve activity (hissing).

  • I am having a problem with my Cryosurgical Unit?

  • Where products should be sent in for repair?

  • What should be included in the box with the repair?

  • How should the repair be sent?

  • What is the normal repair procedure?

  • I have a repair question?