“Brymill’s Cry-Ac® is a very physician-friendly device for a busy family practitioner’s office. All five doctors in our office use it, and at least one of the five of us uses it daily. The Cry-Ac® quickly pays for itself many times over.”
H. Andrew Selinger, M.D., Pro Health Physicians Family Medical Group, Bristol, CT

Brymill Cry-Ac® Tracker® best product in 2009 Click Here to read the article


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Introducing the NEW Brymill Cry-Ac® TrackerCam™


tracker cam solo2


The Cry-Ac® TrackerCam™ is a device that measures the temperature of the skin when spraying Liquid Nitrogen via the Cry-Ac® delivery system to the selected skin lesion using the latest Infrared Sensoring technology.

The operator can set the
Cry-Ac® TrackerCam™ to indicate when a predetermined freeze temperature has been achieved at the lesion. 

For More Precise & Effective Cryosurgery

  • Consistently achieve desired skin temperature & freeze time.
  • More accurately perform cryosurgery.
  • Know how long to spray & when to stop.
  • Quickly train others to reliably do cryosurgery.
  • Achieve optimum results for patients.

Temperature Monitoring

  • Infrared light sensor continuously & safely monitors skin temperature at freeze site.
  • Color-coded lights shine on lesion to indicate how fast skin temperature is decreasing and when desired skin temperature is reached.


With our revolutionary new infrared sensors and built-in camera, you can:

tracker screen2 2

Get a clear, precise view of the lesion area

tracker screen 2 Program applications by skin temperature and freeze time for better control

tracker tec 2

Record video and audio of treatments and collect patient data for EMR files